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The IntelliCap Value Engineering Matrix
For Technology Vendors

How to Scale and Leverage Your Quantified Value
For Technology Vendors

IntelliCap Value Assessment – Pre Sales Analysis
  • Increase Average Revenue Per Transaction by demonstrating compelling Value-to-Cost Ratio
  • Sell Effectively to the Economic Buyers
  • Reduce your Sales Cycle
  • Reduce your Cost of Sales
  • Justify your solution over other competitors and other technologies fighting for the same budget dollars

IntelliCap Value Realization – Post Sales/Post Deployment Analysis
  • Prove your Value Delivered to your clients
  • Establish linkage between Value Forecasted and Value Realized
  • Establish a platform for account expansion
  • Develop compelling content for Case Studies, Customer Reference Programs, Demand Generation, Sales Process Momentum builds

IntelliCap Value Expansion – Designed for Recurring Revenue Models
  • Increase contract renewal and retention rates
  • Establish Standard of Measuring Value Realized by customer 6 months prior to Contract Renewal
  • Provide rationale for continuance of Contract
  • Provide rationale for expansion of Contract to new Users, Departments, Divisions, Enterprise-wide

IntelliCap Pricing Metrics Review
  • Compare ratio of price to value quantified following first dozen Value Assessments
  • Pricing ratio should fall between 4:1 and 8:1 varying with desired length of sales cycle
  • If ratio is higher, your pricing may be too low
  • If ratio is lower, then your pricing may be too high

IntelliCap Demand Generation
  • Design and Develop Quantified Financial Value to incorporate into lead generation content and Insides Sales scripting

IntelliCap Sales Tools
  • Value Calculators for small transactions, channel partners, Inside Sales, short-cycle sales
  • Pro-Forma Value Assessments to establish first layer of potential financial value to be received
  • "Selling to Economic Buyers" Sales Training
  • Rapid Value Assessments – 30 to 60 minute customer interviews resulting in a high-level value assessment

Services for Technology Buyers

IntelliCap Independent Business Case
  • Complete technology value framework constructed
  • Mapping of value to reduction in cost of operations
  • Measured impacts on business process efficiencies created
  • Measured impacts on realizable productivity gains
  • Definitions and execution potentials of Business Strategy objectives
  • CFO defined impacts on key financial metrics
  • Risk adjusted analysis
  • Executive Summary and Board-level Packaging and Presentations

Financial Value Forensics
  • Targeted review, analysis and quantification of the financial value created from a previous technology purchase
  • Application of results to Gap Analysis to evaluate original rationale, value of expansion of technology footprint, or potential need for replacement.

Audit and Validation Service
  • Build your own Business Case and benefit from an Independent Expert/Analyst review, edit and validation. Your analysis, our Stamp of Approval