Market Forces

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Market Forces

Selling and buying technology over the past ten years has come under tremendous additional scrutiny and the elements for a successful sale or purchase is substantially more complex when it comes to forecasting the potential financial and business value of a proposed solution. CFO's and Senior Financial Executives are highly skeptical of technology expenditure requests and cost justifications developed either by vendors or internal personnel.

Technology vendors have made attempts to develop tools to calculate the value of their solution but they often miss the target because they are:
  • Too simplistic
  • Too generous with their calculation of benefits
  • Lacking in CFO-credible disciplines
  • Incapable of capturing a technology's impact on a client's unique business processes with adequate customization or precision
  • Too closely attached in the customer's mind to a desired sales outcome for the vendor
Technology buyers have financial skills and a good understanding of their operation and organization, but lack the ability to translate technology's impact on their company's key financial metrics.

The Market needed a way to identify, quantify, calculate and articulate in a CFO-credible manner, whether a technology solution offered a substantial, compelling and rapid financial impact that was superior to the other investment options for capital allocation.

Enter IntelliCap...