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Case Study Vignettes


  • Original architects of the Value Engineering Program
  • Drove in excess of $400MM in revenues
  • Engaged with 50 Global 500 CFO's
  • Established the quantified value platform associated with upgrading systems from R/3 to the web enabled MySAP
  • Trained Global Sales Force on positioning quantified value to support price and timing based incentive proposals

  • Established top twenty value drivers to shape and define market positioning, messaging and sales process
  • Integrated into value based sales methodology
  • 80% deal closure success rate
  • 4 out of past 5 years largest deal closed by Adobe included IntelliCap – all over $15MM in total revenues
  • Positioned product to de-commoditize it in marketplace
  • Identified and quantified value of under-utilized functionality to expand account footprint
  • Integrated into Enterprise Deal develop and close strategies
  • 75% of Enterprise Deals included IntelliCap
Creative Suite
  • Translated value of product from creative tool used by designers to cost savings driver resulting from productivity gains along an "assembly line"
  • De-commoditized solution to elevate price point and market value positioning
  • Integrated into Value Based Selling methodology
  • Designed and delivered Value Tool Set for Channel Sales Partners

  • Launched partnership in 2006 when company had two Account Executives and three customers
  • Since then engaged with over 200 prospects and clients
  • Drove over $100MM in revenue with our services
  • Created transition to develop internal Value Management team
  • Impacted repositioning of corporate value proposition from a TCO reduction story associated with SaaS versus Legacy system to a Global Agility and Process Efficiency story
OneSource Virtual

  • Brought to market an HCM solution that in most cases is significantly more expensive than customers existing system
  • Needed to build a premium value proposition that supported their premium pricing model
  • Integrated Value Assessment into sales process Best Practices
  • 85% of deals closed each Quarter include an IntelliCap Value Assessment
  • Strategic realignment in sales process and qualification targeting customers who are redesigning their business model versus prospects looking for an operational tool.