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The scrutiny that proposed software investments receive from senior executives has increased dramatically over the past decade, and, as such, a whole new set of disciplines has arisen. Successful investments in software solutions are fueled by tangible financial value evidence, a conservative and credible methodology to identify and quantify that evidence, and executive mapping of open source software (OSS) development to strategic business objectives.
"IntelliCap is the best in the business! I have made their Value Engineering Program the cornerstone of my Enterprise Value Based Selling processes and have produced tremendous revenue increases every time! Selling value requires proof and IntelliCap delivers quantified evidence every time!"

Don Beck – CEO, Involver and Four-time IntelliCap Customer
"OneSource's technology and cloud sourcing solutions are a much more comprehensive solution than our market is used to acquiring. This solution commands a price premium to the normal spend and Intellicap's Value Assessments are demonstrating the tangible value premium to our prospects and clients."

Michael Simpson – SVP, OneSource Virtual
"The Adobe challenge in our market segment was to de-commoditize our solutions and demonstrate strong competitive differentiations that also create an urgency to buy. IntelliCap custom constructed Value Assessments that mapped to each of our productized offerings and drove revenue for us in both our direct and indirect channels."

Rocky Mitirai – Director Product Marketing, Adobe
"Since 2005, IntelliCap has provided me with outstanding results and deliverables helping us drive revenue with their Value Assessments, measure delivered results in their Value Realizations, and shape our positioning, messaging and overall value propositions."

Sydney Sloan – Director, Customer Marketing, Jive Software and Adobe